Internship And Learning from God Of Digital Marketing Digital Deepak

        First Session Of Internship With Digital Deepak

I heard Digital marketing word lot of time but no clear idea about whats exactly is digital marketing .many of times I asked people in different online forum google the term what is digital marketing, they only gave me technical definition of digital marketing, but when first time I attended Deepak sir webinar, I got deep idea about what exactly digital marketing and how to become great digital marketer, Deepak sir told that “digital marketing is marketing in smart way “ I liked this sentence .\
Before joining Digital Deepak Internship Program I think that if I know SEO, coding and some technical stuff I will be a digital marketing expert, but Deepak sir changes my mindset in the first session. I learn that only good technical knowledge is not required for digital marketing, to become a good digital marketer we have to good at marketing and various aspects like Content Management, Content writing, Data Analytics, Design – based Thinking and Planning and be Persuasive.
I also learn How to Build Brand and in the first session all Digital Deepak Internship Batch 2 set goal to earn 1 crore through digital marketing.
Deepak Sir also Gave brief Knowledge about Economics, I got little bit idea global Economics,
Golden Tips To Become Master In Communication :
Deepak sir told us
1.Read at least 30 min to become fluent in English.
2. At least 30 min listen to podcast
3.suggested Some English Sitcoms like The Office, Seinfeld, Silicon valley, Mad Men, etc.
4. Watch Stand up comedy shows to learn local slang and culture

Deepak Sir told us the Benefits Of Branding and How Personal Branding Help us To Sell Product and Generate Revenue. Followings are some tips Understand your industry inside and out
  1. Develop a strong Value proposition
  2. Be readable and accessible
  3. Choose the main channels of communication with Your Idea
    5.Be Yourself 
    6.Develop Your Personal Style

Deepak Sir gave us some tips about how to select Niche
1.pick topic you enjoy talking about
2. Do market Research
3. Make sure 
4.its profile
5.pick smaller Niche

Then Deepak Sir Discuss How to find Market Demand. I learned That Economical growth Of India In the Future will Be Increasing fastly and there are a lot of new chances and demand for the product is in the market so it's up to us to find out Market Demand and generate revenue from the market.
I have Eye But Deepak Sir Gave Us direction to see and In Todays World How We can get Benefits From Digital marketing. In only first session Deepak sir gave Vision and Mission.

I am 20 year Guy who Pesrsuing Engineering In Computer Science, Before Joining Internship batch I expected that student enrolled in this internship Batch 2 are in 20 – 25 age but when I saw a lot of digital marketing expert which are working in industry are also enrolling for Internship, Then I realize how This Internship Important For me, And what Decision I made One of the great decision in my life and very happy and excited to learn new things, and I feel that I am very lucky guy, Having Great Mentor Mr. Digital Deepak sir. Please Check out for more educational stuff.
One of India's top Digital marketer Mentoring Me Is a very Big Thing For Me.

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