Customer Avatar - My journey from Everyone to Someone

            Everyone is not your customer

I am following Digital Deepak Sir From last 6 month I got 5-6 mail every week from Digital Deepak sir and I read all the mails, most of the times I feel that sir is sending me to personalize mail, this mail is only written for me, I can pretty much relate my things with Deepak sir mails, 3-4 times I asked question to myself why it is happening with me, is there I have any connection with Deepak sir or is it déjà vu or its just the coincidence. And these things are not happened with me by only reading Deepak sir mails, I also read Dan Lok and Rahul Bhatnagar mail the same thing happening with me.

This question is always in my mind, I joined Digital Deepak Sir internship batch 2, after First session and successfully completion of the first assignment I am pretty much excited that what is next in the second session, and finally, 7  March 14, 2020, was the day of the second session, un that session Deepak sir gave us tips like being authentic with followers, customers and on social media, because in today's world lot of fake people and fake things, due to this people bored, so be authentic and provide values.

My favorite and Golden tips given by sir are “ Instead of focusing everyone just focus on fewer people, Because "Everyone is not your customer" .if you focusing on everyone then you're not focusing on anyone”. I like this tip.  After giving some useful tips, sir stated topic name customer avatar. I know that what is meaning of “Avatar” but what is exactly the customer avatar the first time I am heard word. Then Deepak sir taken one live survey in that they ask some question like name, gender, age, income, education, status or some psychological question and then based on response Deepak sir sorted and then come up with their customer avatar, its amazing experiment, after that sir told us how customer avatar help us and our business to grow faster, and customer avatar is helping us to know who is exactly our customer.

My customer avatar

After searching lot of things I fixed my niche,  I decided Finacial Knowledge will be my niche, and I will do survey on this niche because analyzing social media I come to know that Finacial Education is very Important thing and everyone should have at least basic financial knowledge like how to manage money, where to invest, what is benefits investment, share market .

Everyone is not your customer

I am still confused that, Who are my Targeted audience, which age group is my target audience, these questions are in my mind to find out the answer to all the questions I have to find customer avatar. So, I created customer avatar  Form and circulated it on social media and request people to filled that form, after two days I got 44 responses, and one by one I will start analyzing each response, then finally I realized that most of the people who needed financial knowledge are of 20 to 30 age, most of them are student having annual income 0-25K,

This is how my customer Avatar look like
 I am really happy because after doing this survey I have perfect idea about who are my customers and how to pitch them, after doing customer survey I am moved from “Everyone” to “My niche”. So In Two days, I designed My whole content based on my Targeted customer . This is How “ Customer Avatar “helps me to become specific and to know who is my customer. Thank You Digital Deepak Sir For This Assignment. Thanks For Reading , Stay Happy and stay Blessed.
Here is my customer survey form link : Click Here 
you can also contribute in it.


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